Thursday, November 24, 2005


  1. Title format: [Company, Yarn, or Designer Name] {Name of book or magazine} [Name of Design] Example: Classic Elite, Tweed 2, Fully Fashioned Ribbed Pullover
  2. Start Post by identifying location of the error in the page. Example: Page 4, Instructions for Front, line #6
  3. Indicate what is the error in the line by copying the entire line and highlighting in red the part of the instructions that you think is wrong.
  4. Provide an alternative (correct) instruction if you think you have the correct answer.
  5. Continue in this manner until all errors in the given pattern have been covered. It is not necessary to have several postings for different errors of the same pattern. One post per pattern will be better.
  6. Contributions from serious knitters only.
  7. Please stay in the topic of this blog.
  8. Be concise and as clear as possible.
  9. Please do not use slang, explain your ideas in a way that can be understood by a beginner knitter.
  10. Do not use any type of offensive language.
  11. Thank you for your contribution! Your posting might save a lot of time to someone else that is trying to figure out what is the problem in their project.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am SO FRUSTRATED with Vogue knitting patterns that are nearly ALL incorrect to some extent or another! Who edits this magazine? How do they have the NERVE to charge SEVEN DOLLARS for a magazine full of patterns that are incorrect? They should be SUED for false advertisement!

8:18 PM  

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